Our Bespoke Approach

At Woburn Bridal, we are very proud to work with leading British designers to offer the highest quality, fashion-forward, modern bridal gowns and alternative bridesmaids dresses, as well as bespoke veils and accessories. We have great relationships with our designers and work with them to offer many bespoke options.

Our bespoke approach allows you even more choice and room for personality in your wedding outfit. Our designers will change fabrics, tweak patterns, make made-to-measure or mixed-size garments, and offer rush service. We also offer an exclusive designer bespoke service for the bride who wants to create a gown all her own.


Uniquely British

We believe British designers offer a special sense of style and elegance that does superb justice to the art of wedding fashion. We are proud of their uniquely British dedication to detail and quality, and simply love introducing brides to the work of amazing local talent.

Some of the leading designers we work with include:

Katya Katya 
Catriona Garforth
So Sassi
Terry Fox
Poppy Dover
Muscat Bridal
Kelly Spence Bridal Accessory Design
Eliza & Ethan Bridesmaid Dresses
Pompadour Couture Lingerie
Florence Shoes
Sassi Holford



Inspiration for our beautiful, unique bridal looks can (and does) come from just about anywhere. Ideas come from the modern brides we work with, what is happening in design houses, collections, street fashion and trends, in art, in the natural world, and beyond. We are always chatting with designers about what is emerging in fashion and beyond, and how it can be applied to modern bridal styling.

Because we care and take our time with you, we can better interpret your unique style preferences and find innovative ways to express them. Our experience and creativity help bring together a beautiful fashion-forward look that is uniquely yours. Styling the wedding outfit can even help inspire and clarify your entire wedding design.


We uphold the highest ethical standards. Each of our dresses can be traced back to the person making it, which is often the designer him- or herself. No sweatshops are ever employed for anything sold in our shop. We are proud of the tremendous care given every aspect of design and construction of our garments and accessories.

Private Consultations

Styling consultations are by appointment only so that we may give you the dedicated attention you deserve.