Happiness happens day

Happiness is....

When brainstorming for this blog I tried on various occasions with multiple people to answer the question ‘what is happiness?’ and every time was inconclusive... what we did eventually get it down to was this.

Happiness is...

A split second in time that you will never forget, you can have a million of these seconds throughout your life, there is no limit, no rules, and you will never know when they are going to happen. But you can guarantee they will alter your life forever and each day will be spent searching for more.



One day you can pretty much guarantee to find atleast a couple of these moments is your wedding day.

So I asked three brides... ‘what were the happiest moments of your wedding day?’ and here’s what they said.

Lesley: Married 11/4/1987 – My brothers face seeing me in my dress for the first time, and my husbands speech at the reception, tears all round and still to this day when I think about it.

Valentina: Married 24/08/2017 - Our first dance, not only because the words were special to us but because every time we've heard it since, we tear up remembering the day, and us practising the dance in our flat in the months before. 

Alex: Married 16/12/2001 - The first step down the isle, it was the moment the stress of making the day perfect melted away and I realised what was actually about to happen, the smile never left my face after that.

Thank you to the lovely brides that shared their special moments with us! 


bride smiling.jpg

What are some of the special moments in your life? Happiness should be shared, and we would love to hear from you!


Thanks for reading


Joanna x