Kiss and Make Up Day

You've bagged the perfect dress. Now what to do with your make up? The pictures will last a lifetime and you want to look your absolute best, Be that an angelic natural look or bold and bright. To celebrate International Kiss and Make Up Day, we have slightly changed the focus. We have asked one of our favourite Make Up Artists some essential tips about how to make that lipstick K-I-S-S-A-B-L-E


We asked MUA Alison Kynoch 'what would be your lipstick/ lip product recommendations for the brides big day?

Here’s what she said

Lipstick is the one thing that we normally need to re-apply throughout the day, eating, drinking and Kissing can take its toll, even long lasting lipsticks can come under pressure to stay on perfectly throughout the day without the slightest sign of bleeding or flawless, even lip colour from first thing in the morning to the evening....usually finding more lipstick transferring onto your wine glass than staying on you!


lipstick glass.jpg

There are a lot of lipsticks claiming to be long lasting on the market and it can feel a bit over whelming the choice of brands and types of lipstick to choose from...where do you start...

Whether you want to go bright and bold or natural and neutral you want a lipstick thatʼs going to give longevity payoff so you can stay picture perfect for hours.... Letʼs go for pink...why pucker up to pink? One you can get a huge selection and range of different shades of pink which can compliment various shades of skin tone, hair colour and makeup looks perfectly.... So with this in mind letʼs choose a bold and a natural colour lipstick....A couple of brands Iʼm currently using in my kit on my brides for a long lasting lipstick is ‘Stay All Day Liquid Lipstickʼ by Stila £16 in Caro or Baci for pale pinks and ‘Velvet Matte Lip Pencilʼ by Nars £21 in ‘Lets go Crazyʼ for ' bold vivid pink...


Tips for flawless long lasting lipstick application....

Itʼs all about the prep!

Start off with a face scrub. People tend to forget about using the scrub on there lips to get rid of flaky dry skin...follow by your Moisturiser again applying it on your lips....then use a lip balm this will lock in the moisture from your facial Moisturiser...

Start of with applying a concealer or your foundation over your lips....keeps the colour true and some staying power...blot with powder...then apply a Lipliner that is either clear or close 's possible to your lipstick shade...I usually go over onto the lip too to allow the lipstick to hold onto the Lipliner giving a long lasting effect also minimising lipstick bleeding too....blot then re-apply lipstick....another fine dusting of translucent powder....this will give a more matte look to your lipstick so either miss out the last dusting or add a touch of gloss....finish off with a touch of highlighter over your Cupidʼs bow for a perfect pout!

Thanks so much to Ali for her tips and tricks

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