Step by step wedding hair guide with Wedlock Hair

Found your dream dress and now thinking about what to do with your hair on your wedding day? Wedding hair styles and how to find the right person to look after you on your big day can be a minefield, so we asked hair guru Morna from Wedlock Hair to help! Here is her step by step guide to finding the right style for you.


Getting your barnet right on the big day may seem like the least of your worries amidst all the tasks that planning your wedding entails. However, a hair 'mare on the morning of your nuptials can really upset the mood and turn you from serene bride to panicking princess. So it is worth giving it some thought. 

Here is our step by step guide to ensure you get the best out of your tresses and nothing puts a dampener on that special morning.

Step 1 - finding "The One"
A bit like men, there are a lot of hairdressers out there. But you don't want to have to kiss a load of frogs to find your prince of preening. Firstly, don't automatically opt for your usual stylist, he or she might not do 'hair up'. It isn't everyone's bag, so don't just go with what you know, choose a specialist who is working with brides all the time.

So, how do you go about making your selection? Speak to a few different stylists, ask about their approach to styling a bride and try to get a feel for whether you like them. Don't get me wrong,  you aren't auditioning for a new bff here but this person will be with you on the morning of your wedding day, something you share with only a privileged few. Will their inane chatter get on your nerves, or mean they fit right in with your gaggle of bridesmaids? Try and find someone who makes you feel comfortable.

Do choose a stylist who will come to you. Negotiating a packed salon on a Saturday is not how you should spend your wedding morning. You want your stylist's undivided attention, you don't want them distracted by that colour client they have under the heat or their next lady waiting in the chair.

And of course you will want to see examples of their work, but don't worry if you can't see exactly the style you have in mind. Remember they are working to that bride's brief. So long as it looks flattering and well executed they can work with you to get the style you want.

If, after reading all that employing a stylist isn't for you, think about going it alone. There are lots of great blogs giving instruction on how to create beautiful styles on your own hair, try for example. Bear in mind this approach best suits a messy, undone look. If you want a classic, polished look, perhaps the DIY route isn't for you. Or if you are blessed with fine, limp hair (hey, think of all the time saved blow drying over the years), it probably pays to call on a professional.


Step 2 - The 'do'
Stylist selected, now on to the fun bit, choosing a style!
You may be the kind of bride who knows exactly what she wants, who has been secretly collating her wedding mood board for the last 3 years and has a Pinterest page crammed full of hair ideas. But please, keep an open mind. There are so many things to consider!

Don't fall in to the trap of picking a hairstyle in isolation. It needs to work with your dress; the style, the neckline.  If you are planning on a veil or tiara, talk through your style with your hairdresser before you buy your accessories. The placement of a veil will limit your choice of styles yet you still need your hair to look fabulous when you remove it after the ceremony. Take into account the time of year. If the weather is likely to be wet and windy perhaps have the majority of your hair tied back, similarly in hot and humid weather getting it up and off your neck could be a godsend. Having a consultation at this point is invaluable. Take the advice of your stylist who will know how to work with your face shape and make the most of your hair type. Keep an open mind and let them show you how amazing your hair can be. 

Be prepared to pay for your trial and be prepared to get your money's worth too. Try out more than one style, use the expertise of your stylist to find the 'do' for you. Spending time working on your hair will mean your hairdresser understands its texture and how it will behave so they will get the style right on the day and make it last. Try and combine your trial with a dress fitting so you can see your complete look.  


Step 3 - the Pre-nup
I know, you don't want more work to do in the lead up to the big day. But a bit of pre-nup work on your hair can make all the difference and it can even be enjoyable. Take an hour out of your day to get a trim and try to do this every 6 weeks. Use the time to switch off or take your to do list and use the time to congratulate yourself on all the jobs you've ticked off since your last trim! Don't worry about losing length, your hair will thank you for it.

As well as regular trims do regular conditioning treatments on your hair. Apply to damp hair, pop on a shower cap (nice!) and then wrap your hair in a towel and relax for 30 minutes. The heat from your head will help the treatment penetrate the hair.


So there you have it, a step by step guide to finding your perfect wedding hair style and stylist. Thank you to Morna for your advice (and hair do's you have done for me and all our brides). For more information on Wedlock Hair check out their website or email Morna



All hair by Wedlock. All photography by Sarah Brookes Photography