Should you buy your wedding dress at a sample sale?

Wedding dress sample sales are awesome. They offer beautifully crafted designer wedding dresses at bargain prices and allow people to buy luxury at high street prices. The dresses are yours to buy the same day as the sale so are perfect for a bride to be with time restrictions. We all know the feeling of lusting after an item that we could never afford, well sample sales allow you to buy those aspirational items.

However they also come at a price. If you are after a relaxed and personal wedding dress shop appointment then sample sales are not for you. Whilst our service will always be friendly, warm and professional samples sales do not allow us to give you a one to one service and it is likely there will be a lot of other people at the sale as you. You may have to share mirrors. 

Sample sales are for the decisive shopper. Sample wedding dresses sell quickly and if you hang around they will be gone. Be prepared for making your mind at the event. If you have a designer that you love and can picture yourself wearing as you walk down the aisle then sample sales allow you that dream at a GREAT price. 

it is worth doing your research before the event to make sure that the style of the designers available are ones that you love. Also thinking about your budget and what you have available to spend on the day. It is likely that you will have to factor in alteration costs and dress cleaning, both of which we can do for you at a later date.

If the idea of a sample sale fills you with excitement then check out the Woburn Bridal Autumn Sample Sale on Saturday 28th October 2017. More information is here 

However if it fills you with dread then do not fear. Book one of our luxury one to one appointments here


Either way good luck and we look forward to seeing you soon!

WB x


Joanna Southwell